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2015 FKS PrintBind KB-4000 PUR

Brand: FKS

Model: KB-4000 PUR

Year: 2015

Sheets / Books P/H: 200

Sheet / Book Size: Max. 420 x 360mm Min. 120 x 120mm

Condition: Pristine condition. Cleaned, checked and serviced.


2015 FKS PrintBind KB-4000 PUR binder (PUR Glue spine glueing, EVA Hotmelt spine glueing.

Automatic pre-clamp unit
Touchscreen display
Batch counter
Total counter
Dust Exhauster
Programmable press time
Milling, Notching and Micro-notching
Book and spare cover shelf

More Details:
1 clamp
PUR spine glue
EVA hotmelt side gluing
spine thickness from 2 mm to 50 mm
cover min. 120 mm x 240 mm
cover max. 425 mm x 780 mm
max cover weight 400 g/m2 (pre-creased)
milling 2 mm

Supplied with accessories and manuals.

Only 200 books on counter. Hardly used. Almost as new!

Available immediately.


Enquire REF: PFBE-217
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2015 Horizon CRF-362

Brand: Horizon

Model: CRF-362

Year: 2015

Condition: Excellent condition. Cleaned, checked and serviced.


2015 Horizon CRF-362 creaser folder.

The new Standard Horizon CRF-362 Creaser/Folder has been designed to handle the unique requirements of creasing and folding digital colour output across a wide range of light and heavy weight stocks, coated or uncoated.

Creasing and folding can be done in one pass for easy and accurate processing of a variety of applications such as restaurant menus, greeting cards, book covers, and marketing collateral. Capable of up to ten crease lines on a sheet, the system uses an impact scoring technology that eliminates or minimizes cracking of the stock or printed image.
Set-up and changeovers – including fold pattern, creasing number, and up/down crease selection – can be easily achieved through the high resolution colour touch screen designed for simple and intuitive operation.

Sharp Creasing and Folding – Suitable for creasing covers, restaurant menus, shop cards, invitation cards and laminated sheets. The impact creaser avoids cracking on digitally-printed applications.

Preparing Perfect Bound Book Covers – High quality creasing helps to prepare high quality perfect bound book covers. Spine, hinge and flap creases can be properly produced by selecting up or down creasing.

High Quality Folding – Two fold knives are equipped for high quality folding, even on heavy stocks. 6 different folding patterns can be set up simply by using the icon based touch screen.

Quick and easy set-up and operation can be performed through the newly equipped high resolution colour touch screen.

Max Sheet Size:  364 x 865 mm
Min Sheet Size:  105 x 180 mm
Max Pile Height:  150mm
Production Speed:  5,000 sheets/hour (A4 / one creasing line and fold)

Excellent condition. Full working order.
Only 650,000 on counter.

Available immediately.

Enquire REF: PFBE-210
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2007 Horizon SL-5500 Stitchliner Center Cutter Kit 8mm

Brand: Horizon

Model: SL-5500 Center Cutter Kit 8mm

Year: 2007

Condition: Excellent condition. Cleaned, checked and serviced.


2007 Complete Center Cutter kit for Horizon SL-5500 stitchliner.

To fit any existing Horizon SL-5500 stitchliner for 2-up production (up to 11,000 boolets per hour!)

Kit comprises;

1 x CC-08 Center Cutter 8mm (plus comes with spare set of cutters)

2 x B-30 Mounting Block for additional stitching heads

2 x CD-30 Centering Device

2 x Hohner 43/6s stitching heads (comes with clincher assembly and wire guide)

Everything you will need is included in this kit and we supply with fitting instructions.

Enquire REF: PFBE-182
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2005 Foliant Gemini 400

Brand: Foliant

Model: Gemini 400

Year: 2005

Sheet / Book Size: B3

Condition: Good condition. Full working order


Used Foliant Gemini 400 Laminator (B3 size).
Designed with an operating width of 380mm, 
Ideal choice for single side lamination.  
Max speed is up to 15m/min. 
Max sheet size is 38x66cm, 
Min sheet size 30x25cm. 
Shaft capacity is up to 3000m of 24-31 micron films. 
Auto feeding, Auto separation.
Paper weight: 115-350gsm. 
Single phase. 
Warm up time: 5min

Complete and in full working order.

Includes any available accessories and manuals.

Enquire REF: PFBE-216
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2004 Morgana FSN

Brand: Morgana

Model: FSN

Year: 2004

Condition: Complete, very good condition and full working order


Morgana FSN Rotary Numbering Machine.  Very good condition. Full working order.Complete with 6 numbering heads.  This machine is suction fed and will do up to 9000 sheets per hour (operator dependant).  The sheets spacing system uses electronic pulses to feed the paper and the bottom feed, top loading operation allows for non-stop production.  The FSN is on wheels and easy to move and store when not required.  There is the option to score, slit and perf on the FSN.  Safety guards and interlocks make the machine used friendly and very safe.  The FSN can be fitted with up to 8 heads allowing numbering to be done anywhere on the page.

  • Maximum sheet size 457mm x 457mm
  • Minimum sheet size 210mm x 125mm

Includes any available manuals and accessories.


Enquire REF: PFBE-200
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2005 Morgana UFO-1 Folder with UFO-5

Brand: Morgana

Model: UFO1 UFO5

Year: 2003

Sheet / Book Size: SRA2

Condition: Excellent condition. Cleaned and checked.



Morgana UFO-1 SRA 2 Suction Folder with UFO-5 Cross Fold

Suction feed two plate folder with two plate cross fold
Electric long stream delivery.
Batch and total counter.
Calliper roller settings.
Swing-up perforating unit.
Dial-a-fold plate settings.
Electronic sheet spacing.

Available immediately.


Enquire REF: PFBE-215
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2002 Hamada B452-A offset press

Brand: Hamada

Model: B452-A

Year: 2002

Condition: Very good condition, complete and in full working order.


2002 Hamada B452-A four colour B3 offset press. Computer controls. 

Only 4 million impressions.

In very good condition and in daily use.

Supplied with any available tools, accessories and manuals.

Available immediately.

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Vickers Armstrongs stitcher

Brand: Vickers

Model: PB

Year: 1978

Sheets / Books P/H: 0

Sheet / Book Size: 0

Condition: Good condition. Full working order


Vickers Armstrongs stitcher.

Complete and working.

Good condition. Fully working.

Available immediately.

Enquire REF: PFBE-212